Our specialty at IPS is scaffolding. IPS furnishes and installs scaffold systems for any size interior or exterior project to gain access to heights and areas otherwise difficult to reach. Scaffold systems can be custom built to fit the needs of any project in Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Virginia.


IPS provides temporary customized shoring solutions. We can support the beams, floors and/or foundation in a building while a column or wall is removed. Let our Estimators evaluate and custom design a shoring system for your next project.

Debris Chutes

Debris chutes quickly move debris from elevated levels of a structure to the ground; minimizing cleaning effort while maximizing time.

Dance Floors

Dance floors are an elevated work platform, typically used to provide access for repairs, alterations and renovations to ceilings and side walls. Depending on the project needs, access to the platform are provided via stair towers or ladders built into the scaffold structure.

Stair Towers

Stair towers provide easy access to hard to reach locations. There are a variety of options available and depending upon needs, towers can be built into the scaffold system or erected independently to access elevated locations.

Overhead Protection

Overhead protection (covered walkway) provides a safeguard against falling debris on a construction site. Often a requirement for active sites, IPS can provide as little or as much protection as needed.