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LA Fitness 
Manasquan Pump Station 
University of Delaware -Central Utility Plant
Fannie Mae - World Gate Building 
PNC Bank Arts Center 
United States Coast Guard Cutter - Mast 

Wakefield High School - Pool 
Six Mile Run Reformed Church 
A scaffold system was built to  access the front facade after the demolition of the blue wedge...The extension of the  scaffold was built as overhead protection with blue construction netting to contain all construction debris. 
A scaffold system was installed to protect existing equipment.
A 70' tall free standing scaffold was built at the corner of the two World Gate Buildings to  allow contractors to run drain pipes from the roof to the ground. 
A scaffold system was installed along two sides of the Central Utility Plant with continuous work decks just below the eave. Two construction debris chutes were installed on each side of the building. Construction debris netting was installed around the outer perimeter of the building. 
A scaffold deck was installed approximately 6'-7' below the underneath side of the roof for new drain pipes to be installed.  The scaffold system was continuous around the perimeter of the building.   A scaffold deck was also installed around the exterior perimeter of the roof structure for panel installation. IPS installed 3 stairtowers to access the continuous 5' wide work deck. 
A scaffold system was erected off the existing ship decking to access the entire area of the main mast... with cribbing beneath each scaffold leg to distribute the point load.  
IPS installed a 14' wide by 147' long scaffold system with a 20' tall work deck connected to an existing  dance floor provided by IPS. The second  scaffold system installed was 12' wide by 140' long with a  7' tall work deck installed on the mezzanine and connected to  existing dance floor scaffold. 
A scaffold system was built up the front facade to the first cornice and then continued onto the roof and around the bell tower.  Work decks, 3' wide, were installed every 6'6" in vertical height to access the front facade and the bell tower exterior up to the roof of the bell tower.  Stairtowers were provided for access to the work decks.
Riverwind Apartments - West Deptford NJ 
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IPS installed as scaffold system at the corner facade at the buildings rear entrance.  The scaffold system was built on each side of the canopy entrance. A 14' section of scaffold was provided on each side of the canopy to allow residents safe passage beneath the construction area.