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About IPS Contracting Services
IPS Contracting Services offers a wide variety of  added features that combine to make our company a quality supplier of scaffold equipment and installation services.  In addition, IPS offers a full range of shoring applications along with rentals and installation of debris chutes and stair units.   IPS is unique yet, it offers competitive pricing to ensure the client receives value and quality. IPS Contracting Services also offers strong capabilities in all aspects of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MR&O), Safety Training, MR&O Consulting, and Skilled Craft Labor placement and management.

Our Values 

  • Respect for customers and employees

  • Open and honest communication 

  • Integrity and Trustworthiness

  • Quality Workmanship

  • Safe and responsible management of human and material resources. 
Mission Statement

To become the premier Industrial  Scaffolding partner in the industry . 
Maintenance Repair and Operations Manpower (MR&O)

IPS manages and executes many different contract types and values throughout each year.  Through its MR&O Division, IPS has fielded skilled craft workers in support of its clients.   Over the past several years , IPS teams have provided over 300 man years of augmenting labor. The crafts that are part of the IPS repertoire include... 
  • Certified Welders
  • Master electricians
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Milwrights
  • Pipe fitters
  • Carpenters ...Among Others....
Placed on -site as part of a team or as individual personnel, IPS continually receives strong recommendations from its client base for tasks performed on time, on budget and above expectations. 

  • IPS Contracting Services ® 6900 Bownel Ave, Baltimore, MD 21237
  • ​410-633-2100 (Local) 410-633-5800 (Fax) 1-866-440-5560 Toll Free Estimating@ipscontracting.com 
  • Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia
Our Inventory~

IPS offers a wide variety of scaffold accessories and product lines from : Tube & Clamp to Frame & Brace and Cup Lock System or Modular Scaffold Equipment.  Our Scaffold plank inventory consists of D165 (wood) southern yellow pine, as well as SSP (steel) plank and ALP (aluminum) plank to serve all applications.  All IPS inventory is warehoused at our distribution center and Main Office  in Baltimore Maryland.  This location is centralized to service our Delaware Valley and Mid Atlantic Regions.